Why Jesus is Our Model

With a strong conviction that Jesus was “fully God”, we believe that Jesus was also “fully Man”… becoming “like us in every way” (Heb 2:17).  The implications of this are profound!  As some have said, Jesus in eternity past ‘chose to temporarily veil His deity so that His humanity could find full expression’.  Or as Ryrie said, “Never less than God, He chose to live His life never more than man”.  Bruce Ware expressed it this way, “His deity was unexpressed, so that His humanity could be fully expressed.”  As the second Adam, Jesus was man as God intended man to be.  Being more like Adam before he sinned, than present day man in his sin, Jesus showed us how to live… depending fully upon the resources of prayer, the Word, and the Holy Spirit.  Jesus became our model for life and ministry. 

That is why Jesus consistently said that we are to “do what He did” (John 14:12), “walk as He walked” (I Jn 2:6), think as He thought (Phil 2:5), serve as He served and love as He loved.  Paul understood this as he said,  “imitate me as I imitate Christ” (I Cor 11:1).

Many look only at the message of Jesus, which is very important.  But the model of Jesus coupled with His methods… makes the message of Jesus even more meaningful.  Jesus not only gave us the message, but He modeled how to create a movement of multiplying disciples.  It is this model that we are to look to… reflecting both the character and priorities of Jesus. 

Because Jesus  is our model for life and ministry, we need to look carefully at how He did what He did, and what His priorities were.  We need to analyze His thinking, His priorities, His actions, as well as His words.  We need to see Him as our model for what it means to be fully human.  This renewed focus (strong Christology), will allow us to truly be the Body of Christ, since Jesus is still the Head of that Body.  It is this type of look at Jesus’ life that has caused us to develop this Classic Sonlife material.